6 September 2013



 I am sure lots of you have tried the famous Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth system and will agree it is a really good cleansing product but quite pricey at £13.25 for 100ml available at John Lewis click here!  Now I have found this great dupe product for half of the price. This is brought to you by nspa the people behind the Nirvana day Spa click here.

The nspa series is available exclusively in your local supermarket Asda making it accessible for everyone and great price at £7 150ml or often on offer two for £8 click here.  I think when I first started using this it was around £5 and Asda have cottoned on to the popularity! but still a bargin especially when on offer.  As you can see you get half as much product again with the nspa to the Liz Earle and comes with the muslin cloth. The range has lot of great products mainly skin care and bath products so check them out!.  

The Polish is suitable for all skin types including sensitive ones like mine! and is dermatologically approved.   The idea is that the product cleanses and exfoliates at the same time by buff away any dead skin cells using the cloth.  I personally use this as a deep evening cleanser even though it does do a small amount of exfoliating I use a separate product to do that.  This is called step 2 of their range as they have numbered their beauty rituals. This smells amazing and I think that's due to the almond oil (Neroli) and ginseng blend and is also really rich and creamy due to the cocoa butter.  This is really thick just like the Liz Earle due to them both having the cocoa butter base and has the same type of consistency.

You take two to three pumps of the product on to dry skin and work in a circular motion on you face for a few minutes.  Then rinse your cloth under hot water and then start to remove, I personally wet my cloth ready before putting on the cleanser then it is ready to start and your not fumbling around while you have go the cleanser on to start with.  Takes of all makeup and mascara really easily while also providing some moisturising.

Overall a good product and a great price!



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