31 March 2014


I was really excited when I spotted these in my local Boots as I had seen these released in America last year and was intrigued by them.  There are lots of shades available in this range and I picked up 090 Bordeaux which is a burgundy shade and 075 lime basil a bright green colour.  The bottles are made to mimic a perfume bottle and are glass where they hold 11.7ml of polish and are £6.49 available at Boots. There are 20 different shades available from classic to fashion shades.  The first thing I did was open the bottle and smell the polish as I was expecting to smell the scent but that was a error.  The nail polish contains essential oils designed to give off fragrance when dried not wet in the bottle.  Across the different shades there are three different scents; fruits and floral, sweets and spice and breezy freshers overall it is very delicate scents not over powering.  To be honest after a day the scent really has gone which is a bit disappointing I expected it to last longer.  On to the polish itself it is quite runny consistency so you have to be careful not to put too much on but it does dry very quickly.  The brush is thin I would like to have seen a wider brush so you don't have to do as many strokes to cover the nail but on the flip side it means you can get in to the nooks and crannies without getting polish everywhere.  Longevity I would say is pretty standard at 5 days before chipping.  Overall I like the colours and the polish but think the scent is a bit gimmicky and does not last.

Have you tried the new revlon polishes?


27 March 2014


Many of you might be familiar with these colourful little lip balms brought to you by EOS as they are a much talked about lip balm.  Until 12 months ago they were pretty hard to buy in the UK but thanks to Beauty Mart, Selfridges and a few other stockists online they are pretty easy to pick up now.  I previously tried the strawberry sorbet balm (review here) and when it ran out (lasted 4 months), I thought I would try a different flavour.  These lip balms are 95% Organic and 100% natural without Parabens and petrolatum free.  Instead they contain vitamin E, Bees wax, Shea butter and Jojoba oil to keep your lips soft and moisturised.  The packaging of these are really sweet and in a sphere design, where you twist off the top lid to reveal the lip balm.  These balms are great as they are not too waxy, not to oily and just glide on.  I find it lasts well and that I probably put it on too often as it smells soo good, the mint is really fresh but not too strong just right.  They are particularly goof if you have dried or chapped lips after a couple of days they restore your lips and don't dry them out.

Have you tried any of these balms?


23 March 2014



21 March 2014


If you are looking for a lipstick for the weekend which is a bit different then look no further than this lipstick from Max Factor.  Priced at £7.99 this would update your look for the weekend at a purse friendly price.


20 March 2014


I wanted to introduce you all to the new range that Garnier recently released of shampoos, conditioners, oils, masks and dry shampoo called ultimate blends.  These have been in the making for a while where Garnier has been undergoing research with women about their hair types and what they like/ don't like about their hair over the past few years resulting in this range.

The idea behind this range is there are 6 different blends to suit different hair types, these are The sleek Perfector, The nourishing repair,The colour illuminator,The shine transformer, The marvelous transformer and The silky smoother.  I have curly / wavy hair with a dry scalp and can be prone to a bit of frizz sometimes so I opted for the sleek restorer range to try out.  In this range there are 4 different products shampoo, conditioner, intensive mask and hair oil, from this I have tried the shampoo, conditioner and the hair oil and this is what I thought:

Packaging: Run of the mill family style packaging like the fact you can see how much shampoo you have used in the bottle but overall nothing very exciting think it could've been a bit better but can see how they are trying to appeal to the mass market.

Shampoo* £2.79 200ml : Smells really good of coconut but in a really pleasant way for that alone I would use this shampoo.  Lightweight did not make my hair feel greasy foams up really nicely and hair stayed nice for 2 days. Good value for money definitely a winner!

Conditioner* £2.79 200ml : Again has the lovely coconut smell which reminds me of being on holiday.  I have been using this alongside the shampoo and together they work really well as a combo keeping my hair smooth and sleek.  Not sure if I would buy this on its own.  

Hair oil* £9.99 150ml: For me I really like this oil as it is multi use and can be used before washing / or styling to protect and nourish or after styling to tame frizz or use between washes to add shine.  Again this has that incredible smell which you can smell on your hair after blow drying mmm.  I think it is competitively priced and you get a lot for your money as it does go along way!

For me I really like the shampoo and the hair oil they are the two products I have been using non stop.  Since I received this kit I have been using the shampoo alternating with my schwartzkopf and  I swapped out my moroccan oil for this coconut oil and have been loving it!

Have you tried the new Garnier Ultimate Blends?


*PR Sample - Has no bearing on my opinions


18 March 2014


Have you seen these little babies available on the high street ? At £6.99 you can pick them up at Boots. (I have to add that I think this particular shade I picked up in Paris or America can't quite remember as I have had it a little while! However there are lots of other great shades available at Boots in the range or you can normally pick up this shade on ebay or amazon for a little more!)

If you are after a drugstore or high street eyeshadow you will be hard pushed to find a better quality and pigmented eyeshadow than the l'oreal infallible eye shadows.  They are little pots of wonder I just wished there were more colours available in the UK.  Apparently these are a dupe for the Armani pots but I have never tried those ones so can not compare.  Here I have the shade Amber rush 892 which is a pinky gold metallic shade.

These come in a small pots and are a combination of a eyeshadow and a pressed pigment would be the best way to describe them as they are loose but pushed together.  The packaging is clear and you can see the pigment from the outside of the case, it also comes with a small stopper don't throw this away as it holds the pigment into the pot.

These are a lovely eyeshadows really pack a punch with colour and pigmentation.  You need to apply using a flat brush so you can pick up the pigment on to a brush and pat on to the eye and then blend using a fluffy brush to ensure the colour is even.  They seem to last well a good few hours and if you use a primer they will last all day.

Have you tried any of these eyeshadows?


14 March 2014


The purchase of this hair mask was totally a blogger made me buy it purchase as I was Enabled by Gemma from MissMakeupMagpie Check out her blog if you don't already a great read!  I love hair masks and use one at least once a week as I have long coloured hair I think it is important to feed your hair.  I have been using the same L'Oreal mask for at least 18 months if not longer but when I read about this one from Herbal essence coupled with the adverts with Nicole Scherzinger hair I knew I had to try it.  I picked it up when on offer Last month for £1.96 (£4.29 normally)at superdrug and yes I can't resist a bargain but I did have to hunt it down as seems it was popular!  It comes in a 200ml size pot in this lovely Yellow colour and has a thick consistency and smells lovely of honey and other things nice.  It forms part of the bee strong range which is meant to strengthen and moisturise the hair.  I slather this all over my hair and leave it on for around 5 minutes minimum then simply wash off.  When I have blown dried my hair it feels lovely and fluffy soft and shiny.  Having used quite a bit I am now wishing I picked up a couple while on offer as I am loving this Hair mask!



11 March 2014


If you read my Empties post for February you will see that I had finished a miniature bottle of this, which I got as a set and really liked it.  This is available from Boots and it is from the Brand Mark Hill and is around £5.99 and called Bedazzled.  The packaging is a little bit different from the mini I had as that was from a hair gift set but it is the same product inside.  It claims to be a Ant-Humidity shine spray where it blocks out humidity and adds a little shine.  It comes out really fine and is ultra light weight you would not now you have put it on.  Once I have styled my hair this is the last thing I spray on to my hair.  I find this really works and keeps frizz to a bare minimum plus it has a lovely smell to it! A great product if you wear your hair straight or styled when living in a city where in one day you can encounter different weather conditions or just have to daily battle the frizz!



10 March 2014


As it has been a lovely couple of days in London with such lovely weather it put me in the spring summer mood.  When I popped in to Boots I decided to take advantage of the current 3 for 2 and pick up some spring polishes and this was one of them.  I think these Maybelline color show polishes are really good value for money as they are £2.99 each with 7 ml of polish and there is a good selection of colours.  I do recommend using a base coat under bright colours to eliminate any discolouring to your nails and a top coat for longevity, I am currently using the No 7 ones.  Green with Envy is a mint pastel shade and my eye was really drawn to the colour.  With this shade you will need three coats to build up the colour as it has a thin consistency and to get an even coverage you will need to do this. The brush is ok not the best as is quite small and you can not do one nail in a stroke but it is not totally awful.  The polish dries fairly quickly and they normally last at least 4 days so not bad for the price!

What's on your nails this week?


9 March 2014


As I keep reading lots of posts this last month on spring cleaning your makeup it inspired me to share with you how I clean my makeup brushes.  So this is what I do on a regular basis to keep my Personal brushes clean for use.  Fits up I use a brush cleanser from Boots No7 (£8 but can use voucher £5)which comes in a 185 ml bottle with a pump dispenser and some kitchen roll.  

8 March 2014


L'Oreal  have recently brought these hybrid lipstick lip glosses on to the market and I have to say I think they are a total dupe of the YSL Glossy Stains.  There are 16 different colours available in the range but in the UK at the moment I have only seen 9 different shades.  They are a fusion hybrid between a lipstick and a lipgloss as they have micro beads of oil in them but stain and colour like a lipstick.  They are a move on from the L'Oreal Caresse shine stains as they are bolder and more glossy on.  I purchased two different colours 500 Molto Mauve a nude pink and 401 Fuchsia Drama a bright pink.

7 March 2014


As the weather keeps constantly changing at the moment from cold to warm to rain to sun, as a result it is causing my hands to dry out.  While I was in Paris in January I picked up this hand cream from Bioderma.  I love Bioderma cleansing water and thought I would give another one of their products a go, as they are hypoallergenic they are good for sensitive skins.  This is the perfect handbag sized hand cream that I can carry around all day long and use.  This hand cream is part of the Atoderm range targeting dryness and is  called the repair hand cream and is designed for dry and damaged hands and is also paraben free.  I have been loving the creamy formula and it smells pleasant enough with no lingering smell.  It is has a nice consistency and just soaks into the skin and has been doing wonders for my dry hands.  Unfortunately I have nearly finished this tube so I will be on the hunt for a stockist in the UK!

What is your favourite hand cream?


6 March 2014


Here we are the second post in my February Empties focusing on makeup and skincare. Hopefully not too long a post this time I seemed to have a crazy amount of empties this month!


4 March 2014


This month I seemed to have a crazy amount of empties not sure how so I have decided to split it into two posts this being the first on body products and hair products.  The second post will be makeup and skin care and will be up after.  These are my favorite posts to read so hopefully you will enjoy reading this as much as I like writing them! 

Mark Hill Anti-Humidity shine spray (full size £5.99 boots): This one was part of a kit and is a mini size, it is a great product if you live in a city where you are constantly going from hot to cold temperatures.  which may cause frizz and fly always, also it gives shine without being a heavy product.
Would I repurchase? Yes have bought the full size (full post coming soon)

Superdrug Dry Shampoo in Chocolate Brownie (£2.99). I did not get on with this product as it actually comes out brown and is not the right color just made my hair look worse not better!
Would I repurchase? No as there are better dry shampoos.

L'Oreal Elvive smooth & polish perfecting shampoo (£1.97 on offer at Superdrug): This has been in my gym bag for ages, as it is a huge 400ml bottle can't say a bad word as I always get on well with L'Oreal shampoo smells nice and makes your hair soft.
Would I repurchase? Yes when on a offer 

Oilatum cream  fragrance free body cream(£3.99): Great for any areas of your body if you suffer from irritations or extremely dry skin or any skin conditions.
Would I repurchase? Yes

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Shower Gel and Honeymania Shower Gel (£4): Everyone who reads my blog regularly knows how much I love the body shop shower gels as they are soap free cleansers and don't irritate my sensitive skin and also don't dry out my skin.  The ginger one is my favourite and reminds me if origins ginger range the honey was a little disappointing as the scent was quite faint.
Would I repurchase? Yes already have some others just wish you could buy the ginger as it was a Christmas special.

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Body Polish (part of set): smells lovely and had a medium grit level to it a good everyday scrub.  this came in a set so was a 150ml size love the fact it is in a tube!
Would I repurchase? No as currently loving the Brazil nut scrub from The Body Shop.

Clarins Tonic Body Polisher(£31): This smells incredible as it is packed with essential oils and I love it as it has the right mix of oils and grit.  I find this is a really relaxing product perfect for sunday nights.
Would I repurchase? Yes I just wish it came in a tube not a pot.

Nspa Patchouli and Ylang-Ylang Warming Scrub(£5): a really disappointing product the smell is not good and I just could not get past it as the scrub itself is ok. 
Would I repurchase? No

L'Oreal Elvive Nutri Gloss Masque(£4.29) : I have been using this for well over a year (not the same pot) and it just makes your hair super soft and is not expensive.
Would I repurchase? Yes but I am currently trying a different hair mask so not quite yet.

Next post will be makeup and skin care empties. What have you been using up this month?



3 March 2014



2 March 2014


I have not tried many high street powder eye shadows for a while now as I mainly have been opting for higher end or long wear cream eyeshadows, which there are many great high street options.  A couple  of weeks ago I was picking up some other Maybelline products where they had a offer on 3 for 2 so I thought I would give this eye palette a whirl.  This is priced normally around £5.99 available on the highstreet  and I was drawn to it as it had neutral brown shades.  

I have to say I was disappointed with this palette as the colours look good when swatched.  But when I applied them the fall out under the eye was really bad and I felt I had to use a lot to get the colour payoff.  On the back of the palette there are suggestions on how to use the colours, I suggest not doing them as I tried one of them and it looked not good! As it says to put the lightest shade on your cheek bone and it just does not work as a highlighter.  My favorite shade if I had to pick one out of the palette has to be the minky one but overall I was disappointed with it.

Have your tried any of these palettes ?


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