23 June 2014


when I was looking through my nail polish collection recently I noticed their seems to be a pattern with the colour palette of the nail polishes I have been buying of lately.  They all seem to be shades of blue and green so I thought I would share with you all my favs as they are all soo pretty.  


20 June 2014


So about a month ago I decided it was high time I started to use a eye cream that works on fine lines as had been starting notice my eye area would dry out and was getting a few fine lines.  Do you know it is actually really hard trying to choose a eye cream as where do you start?  So off I popped to my local Boots and started the trawl through the skin care section.  After looking at quite a few different ones I landed on this L'Oreal skin perfection eye cream in this bright pink packaging as it is aimed at women in their 20/30's.  This is from a relatively new range and promises to conceal dark circles, reduce eye bags and smooth fine lines.  So off I started using this eye cream and to be honest did not really see much difference that was until about 3 weeks after I had been using it I forgot to put it on one day that's when I realised it had been making a difference to my eye area.  I  don't know about you but sometimes I expect products to work instantly and when they don't I get a bit disappointed.  This product is definitely one that you see results from after you have been using it for at least 3-4 weeks.  For me the biggest two things I like are it brightens and awakens the eye area and it fills small fine lines, so when you put makeup on it is much smoother!  So it appears it does what it says on the tin not bad L'oreal.

(rrp£12.99 currently £8.66 Superdrug )


19 June 2014


I am currently having a some what love affair with Kiko cosmetics and this is the latest arrival into my makeup bag!  I don't know about you if it is the sunny weather or not but I seem to be all about the bright lippy love this it is creamy and glossy.  Does not have the longest staying power but you don't mind as the finish is beautiful on!  If you have not already I urge you to check out Kiko cosmetics they are a up and coming brand with some great high end dupes!



18 June 2014


Just a quick post to show you all what I have been using on my brows recently.  After lusting after the hourglass eyebrow stylist and deciding I just could not justify the cost I picked up this dupe from sleek.  This is the dark shade no3 out of the 3 different shades available.  At £5.99 I think it is pretty good at it's job, it comes with a spooley at one end and then a twist up crayon at the other end.  It has a slightly waxy finish to it and came be used a two different angles to give different amounts of product out.  However the only thing it does not do is keep your brows in place so you still need to use a gel to set if you have larger or unruly brows.  I use the Miss sporty clear gel which you can see my full review here.

what do you use on your brows?



17 June 2014


Love it when you discover a new brand especially when they come with high street prices!  well that's how I felt when I found Kiko cosmetics some people may be a little overwhelmed with the range as it is huge.  But there are some real gems within the range but first a bit about the brand.  Kiko cosmetics have actually been around for over 25 years but are only just creeping across to our shores in the UK.  The brand comes from Italy and is a professional makeup brand which is fashion focused and also sells body, skin and makeup treatments at reasonable prices and good quality.   My favourite products have got to be the nail polishes due to the range of colours and price point at £3.99.  Annoyingly they don't have names but only numbers one of my favourite is this lovely bright blue above.  The long lasting stick eyeshadow are a dupe for the expensive By Terry ombre blackstar eye shadow they last all day and come in lots of colour.  The velvet touch creamy stick ( a dupe for the Nars multiple) are a relatively new product but I am liking the versatility of this product. One of the best long wear eye shadows available on the high street, never budge and the full coverage concealer is not bad so quite a few good products.  I would definitely recommend checking out their website 

Have you tried Kiko cosmetics?


16 June 2014


 If you're on the look out for a good budget polish then look no further and check out the Barry M Gelly range.  Launched around 18 months ago but recently expanded in colour choice this high shine range is a must item.  The idea is they replicate the high glossy look of a gel nail polishes there are around 30 different colours I think well according to Boots!  They are £3.99 each which is only £1 more than there core range and they are well worth the money.  They are meant to be 1 coat babies but I think two coats looks the best and you also don't need a top coat for shine.  If you longevity in the polish then you definitely need base and top coat to be applied.  The polish is a little on the thick side but easy to apply and very true to the colour in the bottle.

Have you tried any of the Barry M polishes?


15 June 2014


Hi Everyone 

Just a quick post to let everyone know you can now keep up to date and follow me and my blog on the following channels just click on the below to follow:




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14 June 2014


So lots of people will have seen this bad boy on the likes of You Tubers Pixiwoo and various other bloggers and makeup artists over the past year or two.  I was in France around about Feb time and picked this up as had wanted to see what all the hype is plus it was half the price.  Now I have to say I was a little disappointed as I was in a kind of round about way expecting it to be a all singing all dancing super cream not sure why but that's what I had got in to my head.  So imagine the surprise when I actually used this cream  and it is a bit like E45 and it is not at all what I was expecting.  I can see why it is popular with makeup artists as it is a very neutral cream and I really can not see it irritating anyones skin and it does help your base go on smoothly.  It is good to use as a base under makeup to hydrate the skin but I don't think it should replace your normal everyday cream as it just does not seem to do anything apart from hydrate and I think face creams should do a bit more e.g. anti ageing.  I think a really good dupe is the Oilatum natural repair face cream which is pretty much the same at third the price.


13 June 2014


So here we are again it's empties time! this past month has flown by and I can't believe it's June already where did the time go.  Hopefully I will keep this short and sweet as much as possible so this post is not too long!  this month I am going to just rate each product and say if it is hot or not hope you like?  First up is makeup, well actually mascaras I decided to check and go through a pot of mascaras I had been hoarding which were actually empty.

Avon: Not
Mac Zoom lash: Not
Maybelline Rocket: Hot
Mega Plush volum Maybelline : Not
Max factor false lash effect: Hot
L'oreal Elnett hair spray: Hot
Ultimate blends shampoo and conditioner: Hot

For body and skin care we have;
vaseline spray and go: Hot
Jergens firming cream: Hot
philosophy peppermint stick: Not
The Body Shop brazil nut scrub: Hot
The Body Shop pamplemousse body butter: Hot
Clarin one-step exfoliating cleanser: Hot 
Bioderma H2O: Hot

Last but no means least we have a candle I burn candles all the time but just wanted to share with you this one as I loved it.  I picked this up in Homesense (owned by TK MAXX) for around £10 a fraction of the actual price RRP£40.  It just had the nicest scent Orange blossom and Tuberose and I love the lid stops it from getting dirty or dusty.

What have been your empties this month?


12 June 2014



11 June 2014


I think I maybe one of the last to rave about this kit and yes I am a little late on the bandwagon but wow I really think this is a great product for the price.  I love the fact it comes with this cute little contour guide as well so anyone can use it the model picture did make me laugh as it is a bit 80's.  The contour kit comes in 3 different shades at £6.49 and is surprisingly hard to find as it is always out of stock which is normally a good sign!  The different shades are light, medium and dark not very original but that's how it rolls.  I picked up the light as was not sure how dark the bronzer would come out and there was no testers! super annoying when that happens.  I think I probably could of go away with the medium palette and may still get it!

This is the light kit and as you can see the bronzer has a Matt finish to it which I really like no glitter face!   It is super blendable and really easy to build up the product, I use two sweeps to get my contouring right,  The highlighter is just the right shade and I would buy this for that alone as it is not super shimmery but has a pearlised finish to it and it just gives a really nice glow.  I have been using this non stop instead of my Nars which is saying something as it is really handy as both products are in the sleek compact.  Yet again Sleek delivers, another great product they just can't seem to do no wrong!



10 June 2014


Everytime I go on holiday I can't not seem to come away empty handed from Duty Free, is that not the  real reason we go away?  My most recent trip saw me pick up a couple of bits from Mac makeup.  Normally you get a saving of between 10-15% on Mac products in duty free which you don't normally see so I picked a couple of bits I had been eyeing up for a while now.

As you can see I picked up lipstick called Brave, which I actually had before but lost it on a night out which was really annoying! how many times has that happened to you? Brave is a Satin lipstick in a pinky beige shade which I love to use as a neutral lip.   The satin lipsticks are semi matt but conditioning and I find they last reasonably well. 

 I did not realise until I was actually doing these photos that the lip pencil I bought in Devish actually goes with this lipstick as I had bought this to go with a different lipstick.  This is a really good lip pencil and it is neutral pinky colour with a subtle gold sheen.  I have already had to sharpen it twice as I keep using it so much as it goes with so many lipsticks I have.  It looks really nice on it's own all over the lid or with lipstick on gloss on top it is long lasting as it has a drier texture to it.  

Last off it was a Mac paint pot in the shade Vintage selection as I wanted a peachy toned long wear eyeshadow to wear as a base.  I would describe this a warm tone peachy gold which is slightly frosted.  It blends super easy and looks really pretty on it's own or under another shade to give depth.

What do you buy in Duty Free?



9 June 2014


Clarins, Clarins Sale Preview

Hey everyone Clarins are offering all my lovely subscribers the chance to register for their sale preview event oooh exciting as they do amazing skin care! All you have to do is click on the link below or the picture above and register but hurry up as it is only for a limited time .  They will then send you all the details on what's on sale by email I have just signed up and can not wait to pick up some bargains!



So I thought I would share with you what makeup I am wearing and what's on my face daily at the moment.  

For base I have been using the L'Oreal true match foundation in W4 with kiko full coverage concealer for blemishes (this is a dupe for mac studio finish) and maybelline eraser for under the eye area as it is lighter and easy to blend.  Then over the lids I have been using this rimmel scandeleyes shadow pencil in bad girl bronze as it is a easy wear shade then finishing that off with LancĂ´me hyptonose mascara.  On the brows there is sleek stylist for colour and then miss sporty mascara to stay put.  Then I use the sleek contour kit in light to give a bit of definition to the cheeks with a dusting of Chanel les beige powder.  Love his compact as is super stylish always looks good when you get it out your bag.  I finish the look off with a bit of CD rose lip balm and Mac Brave lipstick.  

What have you been wearing this week?


8 June 2014


There is nothing like a great soundtrack to get you in the mood for the day ahead especially at the weekend.  I like nothing better than on a Sunday popping on a few tunes to get in you in the right mood for the day.  Not really any big surprises as to what I have on as I went to see Katy Perry last weekend in concert I have had her album on repeat all the time and I am just loving Ellie Gouldings album at the moment.

What are you favourite tunes to brighten up your Sunday?



7 June 2014


When you are out and about shopping in London or anywhere actually there is nothing nicer than a bit of pampering thrown in to relax you.  Well that is exactly what I did last week I booked to have a treatment at the Skin Spa on oxford street London at the Debenhams branch.  As you can see the treatment rooms are ultra swish and have lovely decor.  If you did not know Clarins they run a series of skin spa's utilizing their products on offer with various different treatments.  They offer Facials and body treatments along with some other treatments, I opted for the rebalancing body massage.  This treatments is around 1hr 25mins at £87 which includes a consultation on your current skin condition and any areas you want focus on.  

It was the most relaxing treatment ever, as they use essential oils which are packed full of ingredients designed to either uplift you or relax you depending upon which  massage you have chosen.  They make you feel like your very special and I have to say it real sorted out the tensions in my body.  The treatment is bespoke to your needs where they concentrate on two key areas that you would like I had back and legs so no two treatments are the same.  Definitely something I would recommend everyone has as it is sure to leave you feeling very pampered. 


Clarins, Clarins Sale Preview


6 June 2014


In April we saw the release of the Estee Lauder double wear all day glow BB moisture makeup wow that is a mouthful! Now I picked this up as I love to use BB creams on holiday and felt like a little splurge at the time.  As you can see I was tanned at the time and I got coloured matched in store which is something I always recommend when buying a high end product.  The BB cream comes in 8 different shades in total this is number 3.5 which is mid way in the shade range. 

I have to say this is not at all like any other BB cream I have used in the past and I really think it is more like a hydrating lightweight foundation.  It is really light on the skin yet gives a good coverage which evens out skin tone and not matter how you apply it fingers or brush it gives a really good finish.  The BB cream is good for dry skins as it is moisturising and hydrating at the same time.  I found it made my skin luminous and glowing in a good healthy way not a sweaty horrible look.  It had reasonable wear time of around 7 hours before it really wore off, oh and it has SPF30 always a bonus!

Overall I like this product and think it will be a summer staple.


5 June 2014


There is a battle of brands going on if enter the drug store at the moment with L'Oreal and Garnier fighting for your attention with their skin care ranges.  Here you have two near identical products both eye makeup removers which remove waterproof eye makeup.  Which one do I choose when stuck with this dilemma it is actually a tough choice.  

Garnier Express 2 in 1 

This is a duo phase cleanser which is part oil (lilac)part water based solution.  You shake the bottle to mix the two sections and put on to a cotton pad.  It does not feel heavy on the skin, when you sweep it over your eyes you don't have to rub it as it dissolves even waterproof makeup.  It is enriched with Arginine which helps care for you eyelashes by leaving a protective layer on them.  Normally costs £3.49 but currently on  offer at boots for £2.49.

L'Oreal Eye and Lip remover

This is also a duo phase cleanser where the bottle contains two different liquids the blue section at the top, which is oil enriched and the clear water based solution designed to soften the skin.  To use you shake the bottle first to mix the solutions together and then pop on to the cotton pad.  Again you can sweep it over the eye or lip area and it removes the makeup without having to rub it in  This is a little more expensive at £4.99 than the Garnier.

If I had to choose which one is the best it would be a hard choice 125ml size on price point Garnier wins but the L'Oreal is better on Lips I would have to call it a Draw! 


4 June 2014


I have been loving the Herbal essence Bee strong range for a while now and when I came to go on holiday last month I wanted to try the new Moroccan my shine shampoo and conditioner.  I don't know about you but when I go on holiday I like to get a shampoo which is going to be nourishing on the hair and help hydrate the hair.  Now as I have used Moroccan oils for my hair for years now I thought what a good idea to have it added to the shampoo one less product to take in my case.  

Now according to herbal essence the shampoo and conditioner contains 100% Moroccan Argan oil to nourish your hair, It also contains a shine boosting formula to give a glossy finish.  Now I really wanted to like this product as it seemed perfect for my hair type as it is a little dry and need nourishing after going in the sun all day and being a fan of the Bee strong range I wanted to have the same effects lovely silky and smooth hair like Nicole Scherzinger I wanted a YES YES YES moment.  But it was just not going to happen it actually had the opposite effect and  completely dried my hair out.  I even persevered when I got home and tried it a couple of weeks later thinking maybe it was the sun but it had the same effect dry and dull hair.  think I will go back to using the Bee strong as it just makes my hair look and smell amazing.



3 June 2014


So I wanted to share with you all what I do when I am not blogging, reading other blogs or watching YouTube I am reading magazines!  I must confess I am a little bit of a magazine junkie and need my monthly / weekly fix.  These are my favourites that I ready on a regular basis which inspire me and keep me amused along the way.

Instyle magazine 

I first started reading this when I was at university over 10 years ago and have never really stopped.  It has a good mix of fashion both high end and high street along with beauty and a bit of travel.  One of my favourite parts is where they put outfits together the styling is always very classic something I aspire  to dress like.  £3.99 or on subscription which is what I have around £6 for 6 issues.

Marie Claire 

I started reading this around the time I hit 30 as wanted to see fashion which was bit more my age but I also like the glossyness and editorial elements they have.  This magazine is best bought on a subscription as normally £4.20 but around £15 for the year.


I only started reading this magazine around 6 months ago but it has become a firm favourite.  It covers beauty and makeup so right up my street.  I love to read tend see about new products being realised in America and hope / wish they come my way to the uk.  This magazine is a little more tricky to find and normally have to get it from selfridges or a big station Whsmith like euston or Victoria.  Currently around £5 a issue so my most expensive magazine but it is worth it.

Grazia and look magazine

Well you should all know these two magazines statisfy my weekly hunger for gossip and fast fashion.  Overall they are a good read giving a real mix of articles and the pictures are always good!


2 June 2014


So I thought I would kick start this month of make up madness with a Tag and and a proper introduction to the Person / face behind MybeautySleuth.  Well hello everyone this is me Sarah and this is my blog and if you have not visited it before or are back for a regular read welcome.  When I started this blog off I was very unsure as to the direction it would take me but I have enjoyed doing it so much I thought it was time to introduce myself and hope you like my tag! 

Here we go.......

  1. Are you named after anyone?  not that I am aware of or don't think so anyway.
  2. When was the last time you cried? When I watch Greys anatomy a few weeks ago love that programme
  3. Do you have kids? straight forward no 
  4. Do you use sarcasm a lot? not really I am pretty straight forward what you see is what you get.
  5. Will you ever bungee jump? Don't think so not really my cup of tea unless I was drunk and not sure that would be very safe.
  6. What's your favourite cereal ? Special K and Granola pending upon if I am dieting or not
  7. What's the first thing you notice about people? smile
  8. What's your eye colour? dark brown / hazel depending upon light
  9. Scary Movie or happy endings? Happy endings anytime a hopeless romantic at heart.
  10. Favourite smells? Burberry body, cheese and chocolate
  11. Summer or winter? Summer hands down I  am a sun worshipper
  12. Computer or television? Ipad junkie always have it in my hand
  13. What's the furthest you  have been from home? Asia - Thailand and Cambodia
  14. Do you have any special talents? can play a couple of musical instruments learnt when I was a child
  15. Where were you born? Shropshire UK
  16. What are you hobbies? reading blogs, you tube, shopping, makeup, Gym, reading and relaxing at home.
  17. Do you have any pets ? nope unfortunately don't have the time.
  18. Favourite movie? Pretty Women
  19. Do you have any siblings? yes two sisters and I am the middle one
  20. What do you want to do when your grown up? I am grown up but want to be happy and healthy!

I think that's the end hope you have enjoyed the tag! stay tuned there will be a new post every day during June as part of my series called Makeup madness!

I tag anyone who has not done this or wants to



1 June 2014


I had the lucky pleasure of going to see Katy Perry at the O2 Centre in London last night as my husband had bought me tickets for my birthday back in December.  That is probably my pet hate about concerts is that you have to get tickets at least 6 months in advance to get to see any of the big artists.  Well last nights concert was sold out so that tells you how popular Katy Perry is in the U.K.  We sat in block 403 and had a great view of the stage even though we were on level 4 we had a really good view of the stage and screen.  I have to say that the whole production was amazing.  Katy came on in a glow in the dark outfit with sci fi gladiators to open the show with Roar and it was pretty cool.  There were acrobats and sparkly cat costumes and inflatable champagne bottles, fireworks and a stage that was a travelator everything you would expect from a Katy Perry show all a bit tongue and cheek.  Overall it was a really great night and I am so glad I got this treat thanks Hubby! I know I will be bopping along to Katy for the next week.


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