22 August 2014


At what age do you start to use anti ageing products? this is a dilemma that I have been thinking alot about over the last year. As I am in my thirties and no longer in my carefree twenties, Is it time to prevent ready for later down the line? I think everyone has different skin and knows there skin best but my trigger point was that I started to get a couple of fine lines under eyes which to most people they probably can't see but to me I can see them in the mirror everyday staring back at me.  That's when I started to use eye cream religiously and thought I would try out they new Protect and Perfect advance serum.  

Now it does not I Admit look like the biggest tube 30ml of product for £23.95 and with a £5 off coupon I scoped it up in my Boots basket and brought it home with me.  Now it does come in two strengths normal and intense the later being recommended for people in their late thirties and 40's I picked up the regular.  Now hard to believe it was 7 years ago when everyone stampeded to boots to pick up the original product and it was a instant hit.  Since then boots have continued to develop their product which has resulted in this more effective serum +30% vrs previous formula being launched this year which is more advanced.  

My main concern was fine lines and this product after using for around 2 months twice a day morning and night. I have seen my fine lines disappear not completely but quite dramatically to the point I feel if I continue to use this product for the next few months they could well go!  Annoyingly I should of taken some before and after pics but sadly did not!  The formula is lightweight, dries really quickly and does not irritate my skin.  Surprisingly you only need a pea size amount and so the tube is lasting longer than I initially expect.  I have to say I have been really impressed with this product and can see real results.  It is definitely here to stay in my skincare routine.  Funny enough I have been asked for I.d 3 times in the last 8 weeks (I am 32) so it must be making me look more youthful and radiant!

Have you tried the No7 Protect and Perfect serum?



20 August 2014


I know we all at some point get lured into buying high end beauty / makeup products for various reasons, if it is the packaging to the campaign or the product.  I am definitely a sucker for packaging the shinier the better as far as I am concerned.  But one thing I rarely splurge on is mascara as I am a firm believe there is not much difference in high end to high street.  

A couple of months ago Lancome were celebrating their 10year anniversary for Hypnose mascara and I picked this doll eyes one up for £10 Bargain right!  Now this has virtually come to the end and I really liked it and so I needed a replacement as it is normally £22.50.  Step in L'oreal black angel miss manga mascara at £8.99 in black this is when I discovered it was a Dupe for the Lancome.  If you don't know what a dupe is they are high street versions of high end products where you get more for your money!  

I have to say these two products could be twins with both mascaras they are cone shaped brushes which you can see look the same in shape and size.  They both give that wide eye look with lengthening and lift and a little volume.  Formula wise they are pretty much the same maybe the Lancome just is a smidgen wetter but not that noticeable and both do not smudge and last all day.  Who knew you could get the same effects for a fraction of the price!



18 August 2014


When I was thinking about doing this post, the first thing that came into my mind was that there would be 5 different red nail polishes.  But then when I pulled out my favourites from my collection that I have been wearing this summer there was actually only 1 red nail polish.   I had totally forgotten I had actually been wearing pinks, oranges and reds on the nail front.  So here are my top 5 summer polishes....  

1. Maybelline peach smoothie  a good nude orange and a great price and this my second bottle!
2. No7 pink blossom this a pretty matt pink which dries really quickly and has wide brush.
3. Kiko shade 282 again quick drying plus only about £3 this has a nice sheen to it.
4. sephora X shade Uber love love this bright red and one of the longest lasting formulas.
5. Barry M Gelly in Papaya super shinny and glossy looking and inexpensive.

What are your favourite summer polishes?


13 August 2014


When I was looking for a day cream  a couple of months ago, I had actually gone into boots to buy the new olay luminous moisturiser and I stumbled upon this L'oreal version which has been out for quite a while but to me seemed the same idea.  I was after a cream that would help my dull and tired skin and give it a boost and look more radiant.  You get 50 ml of product for around £10.99 (on offer full price £15.99) so 1/3 the price of the Olay which is why I was sold on it.  It comes in this silver like packaging and a pretty simple pot so yes not the most hygienic!

So the science bit ....... The idea is there is to crack the skin care code and after 30 years of research this cream is aimed 30-40 year olds who are looking for a more youthful skin.  The aim is to target genes that contribute to skin pigmentation, unevenness and luminosity and give a hydrated dewy radiant finish exactly what I was looking for.

As you can see in the picture above the cream has a light weight pearlised finished to it which essentially creates the dewy luminous finish.  I have to say after using this for around 8 weeks and actually finishing the product my skin is pretty much the same.  It makes your skin dewy for the first couple of hours then fades away and as I don't have any sun spots or pigmentations I can't see that it has really made an impact.  However the cream is light weight and sinks into the skin very quickly and for £10 it is not bad as a moisturiser but not the most amazing cream I have used.

Have you cracked the code?



8 August 2014


It appears I have a bit of a bumper post of empties having not done this last month I have combined my empties for June and July so here we go......

First up we have hair and Body products:

Herbal Essence Bee Strong shampoo, conditioner 400ml size and mask all I can say is I love this range of products and have already repurchased them as they are great value. They make your hair smell incredible and just work really well I have done a full review of the mask here.  Then you have The Body Shop Peppermint intensive foot rescue this is a lovely pink thick cream that smells of peppermint which is hydrating and cooling on the feet.  At £9 for 100 ml it is a little pricey but you don't need much and so it lasts awhile.  It is not very often I actually finish a fragrance which says a lot when I do this is the Burberry Body Body mist which is alcohol free meaning it is great for summer and can be spritiz to my hearts content, it is also a good bargain at under £20 and personally I can't see the difference from the perfume.  

Next up it is skincare:

If I was unable to travel to france regularly or I ran out of my much loved Bioderma H2O this would definitely be my number one choice for Micellar water (see review here).  I have a love of waterproof mascaras as I tend to touch my eyes alot so I always use a eye makeup remover in addition and when this Garnier one came out I was keen to try it but I have to say I think I will be sticker with the L'oreal version as it is a bit more sensitive.  I have a whole post comparing the two check it out if you have not already here.  Next up a cult classic Embryolisse  lait-creme concentre I have to say I expected more as it is actually quite a basic cream that is great under makeup but not as your main day cream.  Clarins Gentle refiner travel size I really like this and will definitely be buying the full size as it a great facial scrub.  Bioderma repair hand cream one that I had picked up in France this was a good handbag size which is always handy to have.  Last but by no means least is Hydraluron serum a great winter product as it helps to boast hydration and I am really intrigued by the new Gelly moisturise so this will definitely be a winter staple.

I just wanted to include this candle as I have been loving it from Copenhagen Candle company in French lavender this has been really relaxing and fills the house.  I picked it up at Homesense for around £6.99 and as you can see I have got my moneys worth out of it.  It also comes with a lovely silver lid which I really like as it stops the dust getting in but I have kept it to use on top of another candle!

What have you been using up this month?


6 August 2014


Hello, So I thought it was time to do a July favourites post. July was pretty hectic for me as I seemed to have lots of social engagements which meant less time for blogging! So lets talk about the best things this month...

As I mentioned I was going out a lot during July and my Bioderma H2O was a huge staple for me followed by a spritz of Serozinc by La Roche-Posay it stopped my skin from getting any breakouts and coping with the stress of partying well.  Secondly I have started to use the No7  Protect and Perfect advanced serum that came out as I had been beginning to see a few fine lines and wow I love this product (I will do a full post soon)  Then on my hair due to the heat I have been using Markhill Bedazzled anti-humidity spray love this product as it really stops my hair from frizzing out of control and gives great shine (full post here).  Last up was Dolce & Gabbana Intense eau de perfume as it just smells really sexy (full review here).

What have been your favourite products this month?



4 August 2014


I was tagged by the lovely Kate over on her blog check it out if you have not already click here for this tag.

Here we go .....

1. When did you start blogging and why?  

I started blogging around about 15 months ago after reading lots of blogs and giving out advice for years I thought why not I can do this and here I am!

2. How many people in 'real life' know about your blog?

Friends and family who are really supportive (hello)

3.What are your favourite posts to read?

This is a difficult one but has to be empties as it shows what people really use!

4. List a blog you have recently discovered?

I have just started to read soo many blogs but my current favourite has to be  Josie' Journal a great style guide and nice girl.

5. What post are you most proud of ?

This is quite a hard one but if I had to choose one it would have to be my June series of posts of makeup madness where I posted 22 times in a month!

6.What advice would you give to future bloggers?

Be true to yourself and don't compare yourself to other bloggers as every blog is different.

I tag the lovely people and their great blogs ....
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Hannah at Happiness Dwells in the Soul

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