20 August 2014


I know we all at some point get lured into buying high end beauty / makeup products for various reasons, if it is the packaging to the campaign or the product.  I am definitely a sucker for packaging the shinier the better as far as I am concerned.  But one thing I rarely splurge on is mascara as I am a firm believe there is not much difference in high end to high street.  

A couple of months ago Lancome were celebrating their 10year anniversary for Hypnose mascara and I picked this doll eyes one up for £10 Bargain right!  Now this has virtually come to the end and I really liked it and so I needed a replacement as it is normally £22.50.  Step in L'oreal black angel miss manga mascara at £8.99 in black this is when I discovered it was a Dupe for the Lancome.  If you don't know what a dupe is they are high street versions of high end products where you get more for your money!  

I have to say these two products could be twins with both mascaras they are cone shaped brushes which you can see look the same in shape and size.  They both give that wide eye look with lengthening and lift and a little volume.  Formula wise they are pretty much the same maybe the Lancome just is a smidgen wetter but not that noticeable and both do not smudge and last all day.  Who knew you could get the same effects for a fraction of the price!



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