22 August 2014


At what age do you start to use anti ageing products? this is a dilemma that I have been thinking alot about over the last year. As I am in my thirties and no longer in my carefree twenties, Is it time to prevent ready for later down the line? I think everyone has different skin and knows there skin best but my trigger point was that I started to get a couple of fine lines under eyes which to most people they probably can't see but to me I can see them in the mirror everyday staring back at me.  That's when I started to use eye cream religiously and thought I would try out they new Protect and Perfect advance serum.  

Now it does not I Admit look like the biggest tube 30ml of product for £23.95 and with a £5 off coupon I scoped it up in my Boots basket and brought it home with me.  Now it does come in two strengths normal and intense the later being recommended for people in their late thirties and 40's I picked up the regular.  Now hard to believe it was 7 years ago when everyone stampeded to boots to pick up the original product and it was a instant hit.  Since then boots have continued to develop their product which has resulted in this more effective serum +30% vrs previous formula being launched this year which is more advanced.  

My main concern was fine lines and this product after using for around 2 months twice a day morning and night. I have seen my fine lines disappear not completely but quite dramatically to the point I feel if I continue to use this product for the next few months they could well go!  Annoyingly I should of taken some before and after pics but sadly did not!  The formula is lightweight, dries really quickly and does not irritate my skin.  Surprisingly you only need a pea size amount and so the tube is lasting longer than I initially expect.  I have to say I have been really impressed with this product and can see real results.  It is definitely here to stay in my skincare routine.  Funny enough I have been asked for I.d 3 times in the last 8 weeks (I am 32) so it must be making me look more youthful and radiant!

Have you tried the No7 Protect and Perfect serum?



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