15 September 2014


I have been a fan of Revlon nail polishes for many years and they were one of the first nail polishes I bought many many years ago.  When they launched a new range color stay gel envy I knew I had to try it and see what the deal was.  Step forward #320 Full house a beautiful intense colour which is like a duck egg blue with a hint of green to it.  Now the range comes in 30 different shades along with a top coat as well.  The idea is a two part system of a combined base and colour polish and then you finish of with the top coat.  Personally I still use a base coat as I am always using bright colours and don't want to stain the nails.  The consistency of the polish is thick but not gloppy and it comes with a great wide brush that you quickly sweep over the nails giving a good finish and is easy to use.  As you can see in the bottom picture this is what one coat looks like not bad if you were in a hurry! I really like how shiny this looks which is were the comparison to gel polish comes from and the polish held up pretty well, probably would last longer with the top coat! I will have to pick it up and keep you all updated.  One other thing to mention is the drying time is really quick which is great if you are in a hurry or impatient like me.  

Have you tried any of these polishes?



1 September 2014


I have to say that I love a nude polish they make great everyday colours that you can't go wrong with.  Eternal optimist by Essie (£7.99) is the latest addition to my collection.  It is a very pretty dusty / nude salmon pink shade that is just really easy to wear.  If you have not tried any of the Essie polishes before they are really easy to apply with a good wide flat brush and have good durability.  Overall I think they are worth the extra couple of pounds.  This shade comes out not too sheer above I used two coats and got a good coverage.  I can see why it is a classic colour and been part of the collection for a while now.

Have you tried any of the Essie Polishes?

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