31 December 2014


Well it has been a little while since I did one of these posts so I have split it into two first up is Haircare.  

Mark Hill Bedazzled Anti-Humidity spray £5.99 love this really is a life saver stops my hair frizzing out.  I constantly repurchase this see review here

Timotei Pure Dry shampoo £3.69 - I really did not get on with this product I was not keen on the green tea scent and not really sure how effective it was. I would not repurchase this.

Herbal Essence Bee strong mask £3.99 - love love this hair product and it is a constant in my hair care routine.  See full review here I keep back ups of this product so I always have it.

Clarins high definition body lift - This is a travel size and gives a tingly and cooling feel when on the skin I really like it and great for that beach body! I will be repurchasing.

The Body Shop vineyard peach showed gel £4.00 - One of my all time favourite shower gels as it is soap free and smells so fresh and fruity.  Constantly buying these shower gels.

Bioderma H2O Mircella cleanser £15.00 - This cleansing solution is a staple in my skin care Regine and I love it.  It is really gentle on the skin and effective.  I keep backups of this product so I don't run out!

Bioderma Hydrabio Rich moisturising cream £14 - light weight and super hydrating moisturiser.  This is really good for sensitive and very dry skin which is great for the winter.  I really like the pump on this product as well so you don't waste product.  I would repurchase it.

No7 protect and perfect advanced serum £23.99 - Love this really does wonders for my under eye skin.  See my full post here this is also one of my favourites in my skin care routine.  A constant in my skin care routine as I am now in my thirties.  

Avene Eau thermal travel spray £5 - I have dry skin so use lots of these hydrating sprays this size was really good for travelling and your handbag.  I really like Avene products and you can pick them up more readily now from Boots and many other outlets.  I already have another one!

L'Oreal Lip and eye makeup remover £4.99  - a great makeup remover for stubborn or heavy makeup.  See my full review here.  I have already repurchased.

La Roche-Posay Hydreane Riche moisturiser £14.50 -A intense moisturiser for dry skin which is super hydrating.  I really like this moisturiser for winter.

What have you been using this last month?


30 December 2014


As the year is coming to the end I was sitting thinking about this last year and I can't quite believe that it is nearly over.  I thought it was a good time as any to reflect back on what has been happening on MyBeautySleuth over the last 12 months.  I have to say I have really enjoyed the last year and how much joy this little blog has given me and I can't wait for 2015 and here are the top 5 blog posts from 2014 (according to the counter).......

1. Supermodel like hair? Schwarzkopf Ultime

The shampoo which gave great shine for coloured hair that made it look and feel like a supermodel for a day.  We can only dream .....

2. Garnier Ultimate Blends Collection

A new collection on the block to tame the fizz and fly aways and keep my hair looking sleek and slick.  The coconut oil has a scent that is heavenly and has been staple in my hair care routine the last year.

3. YSL Dupe? L'oreal Extraordinaire By Colour Riche

A great budget dupe / find for the YSL hybrid lipstick / lip glosses.  Was it just me but it seemed to be that every brand had one of this type of lipstick glosses out this year?  A great combination of lipstick / stain and gloss in one.

4. Limited Edition Beautiful Nars Blusher in New Attitude

Nars has to be one of my all time favourite brands and all I can say is how beautiful this blusher is.  A lovely shade pale pink that goes with everything.

5. Maybelline colorsensational lipstick in 132 sweet pink

I was pleasantly surprised with this lipstick and if you are looking for a quick high street pickup this will be just down your street as they are so affordable.  This shade is the sweetest pink!

What has been your favourite read of 2014?


29 December 2014


As you will all know by now I am a bit obsessed with nail polish and as part of my christmas present from my sister she picked up this new polish from Models Own.  Perfect for New years eve as it has ultra fine diamond dust particles giving a hint of glitter without being to over the top and too difficult to remove.  A really easy polish to apply and with two coats it gives a great finish.  There are 10 different shades in this new range called diamond luxe at £4.99 they are great value for money and worth checking out.

What is your favourite Models Own nail polish?


26 December 2014


It has been really busy month December with lots going on and it does not leave much time for anything else.  I am not normally a person who buys something just because it is endorsed by a celeb, a blogger or anyone in the press.  But I have to say that this is a really great product and the best dry shampoo that I have used I can see why Ruth Crilly from a Model Recommends has put this product out with Colab.  

There are 5 different designs with different scents and they are named after cities London, Paris, Tokyo, Rio and New York there is no difference in the actually product just different scents.  I firstly picked up London, which is a classic scent with Bergamot, Musk and Magnolia from Beauty Mart at £3.49 for 200ml it is also available at Superdrug and Feel Unique and in a smaller 50ml travel size.  

What I love about this product is that it has a sheer and clear formula as I have dip dyed hair I can't use coloured dry shampoos or they often leave white residue and you have to brush a lot to get it out.  I am slightly addicted to this product as it is really light weight and does not leave that Matt powdery chalky finish which a lot of dry shampoos do plus the scent gives you that just washed hair without the wash.  I have nearly used it all up so yesterday I picked up Paris which is a floral fragrance of Jasmine, Rose and patchouli and it is just as good this is one great product range!



24 December 2014


As tomorrows aim will to be tech free and full of mince pies and turkey.  I wanted to share some festive spirit and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope it brings everything you wished for.  Plus say a big Thankyou to everyone has dropped by my blog reading your thoughts and comments makes me happy and warm inside and hope to continue doing so in the New year Merry Christmas to everyone.


22 December 2014


Makeup Revolution Is the new kid on the block and they have really made a mark on the high street.  Due to their affordability factor and huge range of products they have got a lot going on!  So far everything I have purchased I have loved and can not fault the price or products.  The blushing hearts blusher is a triple baked blush and part of the I love makeup range where there are different blushers including a high lighter and a bronzer all set in the shape of a 3d heart how cute.  Some people speculate it to be a dupe of another famous brand but I can't comment as I have nothing to compare against.  

This is the deal it is a Peachy gold blusher and has 3 different colours that you mix on the brush to create a smooth application.  One thing I like about this product is the amount you get it is really good for the price of £4.99 and lasts a long time.  I apply this with my real techniques duo fibre brush as it gives a light application which you then can build to the level and look you want.  On the skin it has a peachy gold sheen which is perfect for the current party season and looks great in the light.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution?


19 December 2014


When its Christmas time I don't know about you but I like to switch up my candles for a more festive scent.  Well when I do I always go to Yankee candle as they have the best festive selection available with great prices as well.  

My current two favourites are Fall Glory and frosted cinnamon, I picked these both up in the votive size which are perfect as they  last around 15 hours burning time each which is just enough for the festive period and at just over a £1 they are really good value for money!

Frosted cinnamon is a festive blend of cinnamon and cloves and Fall glory has the scent of dark berries, sweet plums, apples and warm spices.  These both bring a really Christmas scent to the house which is warming which I love.  There are lots of different christmas scents available these are just two of them I picked them up at my local Asda.

Whats your favourite Christmas scent?



17 December 2014


While my sister was in America last year she brought me back a few cosmetics that I wanted and after using this on and off for a regular time I wanted to share my thoughts with you all.  

I am really happy that she picked this up for me as I was not disappointed with the quality or how pretty it is.  Physicians formula if you have not heard of it is a drug store / high street store brand which is only really available in the USA, sometime you see the odd piece in TK Maxx or on Amazon but overall it is not sold in the UK yet.  As it is hard to get hold of it I really wanted to try it out and this was on my list of must have products to try mainly due to the super cute hearts.  

First up the packaging in super cute with the pink metallic finish, it is split into two parts blusher on the top and a mirror and brush in the bottom section.  This means it is really handy for travel as it is really compact, to be honest I am not a fan of the brush and it would be better if the mirror was in the lid as you have to keep flip the blusher over to use it whites annoying and the brushes poor quality.  

The blusher itself is made up of lots of different shaped hearts in different shades, when you swirl a brush on it it then blends them together creating a healthy glow when applied to the skin.  I would definitely recommend this blusher to anyone who was a healthy glow appearance as it is light and glowy on the skin.

The blusher comes in four different shades and it is infused with their mood boasting blend to promote healthy skin and euphoria.  The idea is that the plant extracts used promote a feeling of happiness.  The blusher is scented with violet to encourage feelings of Joy every time you apply it.  I am not really convinced with this side of the product as not really seen any difference but overall I think it is really pretty product and gives a glow finish to the skin when applied.

Have you tried any of Physicians formula products?


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    15 December 2014


    As we are getting close to Christmas I thought I would switch up my nails to something a little more festive.  So when I picked up this months copy of Marie Claire I was really excited to see a mini bottle of Ciate confetti nail polish as it is really festive, there are 3 types with the magazine I got the silver.  I put just 3 coats of this on it's own with a top and base coat to give really sparkly nails.  This is the first Ciate nail polish I have used and I have to say I am impressed.  I have loads of glitter polishes but this has to be one of the best as it catches the light and is really easy to apply and deposits lots of particles. 

     I love glitter polishes apart from having to remove them as they are so versatile you can wear on their own or as a top coat played on top of another polish.

    Have you tried any Ciate polishes?



    10 December 2014


    After seeing this tag floating around the blogsphere and reading quite a few of the last week I decided to do the christmas tag.  If you have not check out the lovely Harriet Jacksons blog with a lovely version of this tag it well worth doing so.

    What is your favourite Christmas movie?

    I am quite a sucker for Christmas films that feel good factor so I have quite a few favourites these include Four Christmases, Love Actually and The Santa Clause

    Do you open your presents on Christmas morning or day?

    Always Christmas morning and normally quite early when I was a child it would be like 6am but now as a adult a bit more civilised at 8ish.

    Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

    Waking up at the crack of dawn and annoying my parents to open presents.

    What is your favourite Christmas food?

    Christmas pudding I love it with single cream mmm

    What is your favourite Christmas gift?

    That is a hard question as I have had so many great presents from a Ipad to cooking lessons.

    What is your favourite Christmas scent?

    Cinnamon and vanilla separate or together.

    Do you have any Christmas eve traditions?

    For years or along as I could remember we would have cold meats, chutneys and cucumber sandwiches without the crusts on christmas eve.

    What tops your tree?

    It is a silver star

    When your were a child what was the one crazy present you asked for but never got?

    I don't remember every asking for a penguin or anything crazy.

    Whats the best part of Christmas for you?

    Spending time with family and eating to much.

    What's your favourite part of christmas?



    8 December 2014


    The one thing I like about OPI nail polishes is the shade range, there is always something different that you can't get anywhere else.  Diva from Geneva has been around for a few years now as was originally realised as part of the Swiss collection.  I had completely forgot I had this but when shopping my stash for a Christmas polish this jumped straight out at me.  I think you still can pick this up on Amazon or discount websites for around £5/£6.  One thing I really like about this polish is the two tone shade it is a red based purple and has a foil like finish with almost a gold undertone to it.

    I know OPI nail polishes can be expensive they can be picked up on discount websites like fragrance direct but they are worth it as the quality and shade range is excellent.  They are really quick drying and glide on so the finish is really smooth due to the wide brushes.  Above is only two coats of the polish and the colour just pops!

    What is your favourite OPI nail polish?


    5 December 2014


    Unless you have been living under a beauty rock for the past year you would know that its all about the nude lip and specifically the Kylie Jenner Lip.  If you are looking to recreate this look then I would say the ultimate lip pencil is Soar by Mac.   It is a Matt effect pinky gold lip pencil which goes on smoothly and non drying.  Soar is one of the regular lip pencils by Mac but I find its really lasts a long time at least 4 hours and it is good underneath any pink, nude or on its own or with lip gloss the possibilities are endless.  It is such a versatile lip product which is kinda of annoying as I having been wearing it most days!

    What's your favourite lip pencils?



    3 December 2014


    If you have not already got yours don't fret there is still time for you to pick up your Christmas sweater.  For the third year running Save the children charity are asking people to make the world a better place by wearing a sweater for the day.  The idea is you wear your Christmas sweater on Friday 12th December and donate £2 to save the children via their website or by text link here for more information.  I know I will so what are you waiting for....

    My top picks are this lovely snowman jumper from Marks and Spencer at £28 above link

    This grey sweatshirt from Topshop £46 and this sweater at Asda is a £10 and a steal! also check out Primark and Tesco for good value jumpers!

    Which Christmas jumper will you be wearing? tag me on instagram @mybeautysleuth


    1 December 2014


    Well hello after a short break due to house renovations and tech issues I will now be back to my regular posting schedule Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5.30am.  So with no further a do here is a much over due what's on my Nails post.  

    A classic colour and being we are now in the sparkle season here is a lovely grey sparkle shade.  This polish originally was released in 2010 as part of the Swiss collection if you remember but is now part of the classics collection due to its popularity.  

    I really like this shade and have been rocking it for the past couple of weeks it is a metallic grey shimmer with a blue / green undertone.  My only annoyance is how long the name is as it is a really mouthful!  I have also been loving this NO7 Top coat that I picked up with my Boots £3 off voucher making it £3 bargain! 

    What will you be rocking this Party season?


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