27 May 2015


One of the best things about frequent travel to France is you get to pick up some great products unavailable in the UK.  For a while now I have been using / trying different waterproof make up removers yet to find that perfect one.  On my last visit to France I picked up a twin pack of this makeup remover from La Roche-Posay called Respectissime.  It has the popular bio phase formula where you shake to mix the two components together and then apply to cotton pads to remove your eye makeup. This product is designed for women who have sensitive eyes, wear contacts or for waterproof mascara, as I tick two out of three of these categories I thought I would give it a go.  Overall I have been very impressed with this product but it does feel slightly greasy when applied on due to the oil but I have not had any breakouts or issues.  It is gentle on the eye yet removes the waterproof mascara very easily as it quickly dissolves.  It is fragrant free, paraben free which I always find helps if you have sensitive skin.  I picked this up in a twin pack for around 16 euros making it a good buy unfortunately I don't think it is yet available in the UK but So far it is a winner for me!

What is your favourite make up remover?



25 May 2015


One of my favourite shops when I am in France or Europe is Sephora as we just don't have them in the UK I do remember when they were in the UK many years ago as I used to shop in the Brent cross branch such a shame they left.  Anyway I thought I would share with you my recent mini haul from when I was in France last month.  I picked up one of the coveted Sephora lip stains in 'Always red' which I have tried many times to pick up but is always sold out available here it goes on really creamy but stays put all day such a great product this is my 3rd shade!  Next I picked up a makeup forever Aqua Matic in ME 50 metallic taupe this is my second one of these in this colour and they really do live up to their holy grail status.  They literally go on like a dream, easy to blend and do not budge all day this shade is great as a base colour love it and will definitely be picking up another shade.   Next I picked up a mini mascara I will have to update you after I use this as I purchased it for a up and coming holiday I will keep you posted.  Then I also got a kabuki brush from the Sephora own brand pro range it seems super soft I can't wait to use this with bronzers over the next few months.  Last up I got a travel pot as thought it would be useful for my holiday it was also in the impulse till Que tray gets me every time!  They also threw in a couple of perfume samples which are always handy to have for travelling and would not say no!



24 May 2015


This post is a little bit different but as it is a Bank holiday weekend I thought I would share with you my culinary effort recently.  Inspired by a recipe in Asda free magazine called Courgette & Pepper Bianco pizza here this is my version courgette, pepper & Aubergine Bianco pizza same recipe but with a couple of added ingredients.  

  • 15g butter 
  • 15g Flour
  • 175ml milk 
  • 50g Parmesan grated
  • 1 pack of pizza mix 
  • Flour for dusting
  • Oil for greasing
  • 1 courgette, sliced length ways
  • 1/2 pepper (any colour) 
  • 1/3 Aubergine 
  • 1/2 tomato thinly sliced
  • 1 x ball of mozzarella, drained and chopped up
  • handful of rocket to serve

          Serves 2 
          Preparation time 20mins
          Cooking time 25 mins

  1. 1. First up I made the base, empty the pizza mix into a bow add 100ml warm water. With a fork mix into a ball of dough.  Then knead on a lightly floured surface for approx 5 minutes.  Then create a ball with the mixture and then using a rolling pin roll out to desired thickness I like my pizza thin so went to approx 0.25cm.  Place the base on to a lightly greased tray or pizza tray.  Cover with cling film and leave in a warm place for 10 minutes to rise.  Leave for 2 minutes longer for a thicker crust or 2 minutes less for crispy base adjust accordingly.  
  1. 2. While the base is rising I made the Bianco sauce, melt the butter in a small pan then stir in the flour.  Over a medium heat stir in the milk gradually until it is all absorbed then add the Parmesan an season to taste.
  1. 3. Next barbecue, griddle of fry the courgettes, peppers and aubergine for approx 3 minutes until coloured.  leave to cool ready for assembly later.
  1. 4. Thinly spread the pizza base with the bianco sauce then top with the vegetables and mozzarella
  1. 5. Place the pizza in a preheated oven at 220c or gas mark 7 for 25 minutes.
  1. 6. Top with rocket to serve.

Let me know if you decide to make and send me your photos on twitter or Instagram @mybeautysleuth 



22 May 2015


I have to say I never thought I would be writing a post on tweezers as how different can they be right?  Well I have to confess until I purchased these mini version of the Tweezerman best selling tweezers I did not know there is such a difference.  I have for many years just picked up an purchased the bog standard pair from the chemist that cost a couple of quid thinking I am not going to spend a tenner on a pair of tweezers.  How wrong was I after watching or reading a blog post somewhere I can't now remember but decided to take the plunge and spend the £12.50 on the mini version of the best selling slanted tweezerman tweezers.  Wow what a difference they make I am really impressed and can now see why people swear by these and are a cult classics.  They are really precise and pick up the tiniest hairs also they are sharp in a good way so you can pluck very precisely.  My Top tip would  be to buy the mini version as they are half the price and exactly the same and not that mini.  Definitely a must have tool in any ones kit! My brows have been thanking me for this purchase.

Available nationwide at boots for £12.50 here



20 May 2015


Charlotte Tilbury is a world renowned makeup artist who launched a beautiful range of products almost 2 years ago that stormed the Makeup world.  I have to say I have coveted the range for quite a while as it is just so beautiful and there are so many great products and reviews out there.  Today I am reviewing one of the brushes in the range the powder & sculpt brush that I have heard so many great things about and when I wanted to add to my current collection / selection this was just the right brush.  The handle is a burgundy wood colour with a rose gold colour top, it is quite heavy in weight and has an anti roll design which is handy when on the vanity unit it does not roll off.  The bristles are very soft and fine to touch which you would expect from a good quality brush and high end brand.  This brush is £35 which is a lot more than I would normal spend however I know this brush will last a long time and is really high quality.  I have been using this as a contour brush it has super fine bristles and has a point to it meaning you can be really precise.  I have been practising trying to achieve those supermodel cheekbones we can only dream for with this brush not sure I am quite there but this brush certinely helps.  I have also been using the brush with powder highlighter too and it has great precision with the pointed end meaning you can add just the right amount with out looking to glittery.

Available through Selfridges here for £35.00



18 May 2015


Do you remember recently that I was obsessed with a different Barry M nail polish called Huckleberry a pretty blue grey tone.  Well Barry M they have done it again and sucked me right it this time with a shade called pit stop.  It comes from the quick dry speedy range where there are 12 shades in this collection, they are all pastel shades but range from reds, neutrals to blues something for everyone basically.  Pitstop is a light grey pastel hue which is just the right shade of grey not too light that it makes your hands look funny and not very dark that looks wintery perfect for this time of year.  I only needed two coats to achieve even coverage and I am loving the brushes on this as it it wide with a round nib combined with the fact it dries really quickly it is a wining combo that I keep coming back to.  Eat my dust is definitely on my list to try next from the range I am totally loving these paints right now.

Each are £3.99 and available in stores now.

My BeautySleuth 


6 May 2015


My current nail obsession is this Nail paint from Barry M called Huckleberry I think I am having some what of a love affair with it since I picked it up 3 weeks ago.   I must have repainted my nails about half a dozen times since picking it up as I just love this colour.  A great light pastel blue which screams Spring time it is so pretty.  Formula wise it has the normal high shine finish which all the Gelly range have and I have to say I am yet to find a bad one in the range which keeps growing.  I used No7 base coat, 2 coats of this bad boy and a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast top Coat which is my favourite long lasting fast drying top coat.

At £3.99 it is available nationwide at Boots here


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