29 July 2015


Hi everyone I know I have been away for a little while having a break from blogging and spending some time with my family as it has been summer but I am back with a post about this new bad boy which has entered the world of fake tan.  

Now fake tan products normal fall into two categories as far I am concerned epic fail or Win Win.  ST.Tropez is a very well known brand and one that I consider to be the original king pins of home tanning so when they brought out a new innovative product to the market I was not only excited but intrigued.  Having been a fan for a while of the in shower moisturisers that Nivea brought out I had a fair idea what to expect as they are a super easy way to hydrate your skin and as a avid fake tanner to help maintain that summer glow I was excited to try a product that combines both.  

So when ST.Tropez introduced a In-shower gradual tanning product I was really intrigued as  to if it would work or be a gimmicky product that was a epic fail.  Luckily it sits in the great category really easy to use you literally spread on after doing your usual shower routine wait 3 minutes and then rinse off it has a slippy formula but easy to apply and make sure you have washed your hands after applying as you don't want fake tan hands!  I found that it developed to a really natural colour smelt of almonds when applied which was a nice change from the usual fake tan smell and then later on in the day when it developed you did get a little of the biscuit fake tan smell but was not over top or very noticeable.  It did not streak at all and give a light glow, good for if your a trying to maintain a existing tan.   It would be nice to get it two shades like the other gradual tanners they have in their range light/medium or medium/dark.   As for me I had to use it three days in a row to build a to a medium tan shade from my natural colour which meant I used quite a lot of product quickly so really good for pale skins or if you are new to tanning and what to start!

Currently exclusive to Boots and on a introductory offer of £9.50 it will be £14.50 after link here.


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