30 September 2015


Hi lovelies so today I bring you something a bit different you may have seen on Twitter that I am going to New York in February I can not wait! squeal so excited can not tell you so much so I have already started my wish list of american makeup that I want to get.  Like they say you want what you can't have being so there is always lots of american makeup brands I wish were ready available in the uk to buy or if they are they work out super expensive or difficult to get.  I know this list is going to be huge by the time I go but so I thought I would share so far this is what I have been lusting after.

What makeup are you wishing for?  let me know your american recommendations?


28 September 2015


Hi lovelies hope we are doing well today I bring you the September Look fantastic 1st birthday Beauty Box.  Now this box is a little bit special as it celebrates the first birthday of the look fantastic beauty box and it comes in this pretty little confetti printed box with gorgeous turquoise tissue paper.  If you are not familiar with the concept of beauty boxes there are lots of different beauty boxes available now a days on subscription and they all follow a similar format where you pay a nominal fee this one is £15 and then you receive a 5/6 mini sized products so you can test drive them before splurging out.  Now one of the great things about the Look fantastic box is you can wait to see what is in it and then order it if you like the contents.  This months birthday box did not disappoint Look fantastic have done a great job in the selection.  The first thing that hit me when I opened this box was the scent it was incredible and the contents did not disappoint either as it was all about the hair and skin this month.  

First product was from hair care brand Phyto now I got the express conditioner.  You could receive the intense repair mask, repairing shampoo or colour protect shampoo, I got the conditioner which is designed for highlighted hair so right up my street.   Now I have tried a few products from this brand and always been impressed with the quality and finish it leaves your hair so I look forward to trying this.

Next up is the Tan maintainer by Tanworx which is just perfect as I am going on holiday in October so I can't wait to try this.  I don't know a lot about this brand but love tanning product so I am excited to see how this performs.  It is a light weight, non greasy luxurious moisturiser designed to prolong the life of your tan with carrot, seaweed and coconut oil it smells amazing.

Next up one of the stars of this box was this twin set of Sebastan shampoo & conditioner I really can not wait to try these out.  These are from the penetraitt system which aim to strengthen and repair your hair form the stress of the world and make it super soft.  I used a leave in conditioner from this brand along time ago and it gave fantastic results hopefully these are just as good!

Now this is a new brand to me Cordage and when I first saw this I was like what is a scrubbing cream? but after a little research it is essentially a exfoliant within a cream formula using rice particles.  It claims to work on the most sensitive of skins eliminating impurities and improve elasticity leaving a glowing complexion.  Sounds fantastic just what is needed in this change of temperature.

Next up a favourite brand of mine of course a french skin care brand Caudalie and this time two products from the vinosource range.  I actually have not tried either of these products so super excited to try these two! First up is the S.O.S thirst quenching serum this says it all in the title the idea is to restore the moisture balance within the skin and leave it super soft and fresh.  Next up is the mositurising sorbet which is a ultra hydrating moisturiser that is super hydrating and leaves the skin super soft two great products to try! I have loved all the skin care products that I have from this brand and have been great for my sensitive skin.

Last but by no means least is the Bliss fabulous foaming face wash in travel size so great for the jet setters it is a 2 in 1 cleanser and exfoliator this will definitely be coming with me on my holidays next month.  This is one of their most popular products from the core range as it cleanses and exfoliates in one.  It is oil free &gentle so great on most skins can not wait to try this as another brand I have not used before.

So what a great box a few brands I already love and few I  have not tried before and to top all off a few discount vouchers were also included 1x 20% if you purchase full sizes of any products plus a array of birthday discounts.

Have you tried the Look fantastic box?



25 September 2015


Hey lovelies today I bring you my favourite make up tools I use to create a flawless base on a daily basis.  Now getting a flawless base is really important when you are creating what ever look you want to achieve and to do that you need to have the right tools.  Today I am going to talk you through what tried and tested tools I have been using for a long while now.  

I often get asked how do I create the perfect flawless base and I always say it is down to three factors skin preparation, tools and the right products.  So first up having a good skincare routine (post coming soon) makes a huge difference so hydrate hydrate hydrate the most important thing as far as I am concerned to make sure your skin does not look flaky or cakey.  Next up products now you don't have to use the most expensive products but it is important that you use products that are the right for your skin for example colour tone, palette and skin type for example don't go to dark or too light or use a greasy foundation if your have oily skin.

Last up and the most important step is what makeup tools you use because they can make a huge difference and can make a inexpensive product look as good as high end when creating that flawless base.  So first up a brush that had been hugely popular and loved Real Techniques Expert face brush this is my go to foundation brush.  It is a synthetic buffing brush which is densely packed, super soft with lots of hairs with a rounded top to it.  It can be used with pretty much any liquid foundation and leaves a really even and consistent coverage.  I use this with my favourite Chanel foundation which I highly recommend for anyone with dry skin gives a really natural medium coverage.  

Next up I apply a liquid concealer with another of the Real Techniques brushes this is the Deluxe crease brush from the starter eye kit this is again is a really dense brush and almost stipples the concealer into place great when you have big areas to cover.  I then go over my concealer with the Miracle complexion sponge, which technical is not a brush but it is a really great tool to have it has two different shaped ends to create that flawless look (review here) as it blends really well into the skin.  It works especially well with the clarins instant light concealer due to its liquid consistency and where this sponge has a pointed end you can be really precise and target where you blend.   

Now for powder I use the beautiful Charlotte Tilbury powder and sculpt for contouring ( full review) this is really a beautiful brush so perfectly made it is a investment brush but is totally worth it due to the quality and precision.  It has made a world of difference as I can now contour using this brush!  I normally use this with the old faithful Nars Laguna boozing powder.  Last but no means least the cheek brush from Real techniques limited edition set this was a limited edition set for Christmas last year.  A great brush for powder or blusher which is basically a multi purpose brush depending upon what look I am creating.  It is not to big, not to small with a round shape end super soft synthetic brush that picks up products really easily.  This is only available as part of a set unfortuntely for last christmas however you never know it maybe back this year.  

As you can see I do like the real techniques brushes and if you have not done so it is worth checking them out as they are good quality and super affordable.  What are your favourite brushes?



23 September 2015


Hey Lovelies, hope you are all having a lovely day today I bring to you a haul from my recent Paris trip if you did not see it then check it out here.  So I have been using french skin care since for probably about 20 years since I was a young teen and you will have seen many hauls pop up on this blog my last one back in January  as I always stock up whenever I visit France as I love their skincare and when purchased in France is very affordable for great quality products.  This time I went on a trip to the famous CityPharma as I was in the area other times I have just shopped in local pharmacies  and I picked up a few new things to try along with some tried and tested favourites.

I love no I am obsessed with facial sprays and have been for quite a while now.  So much so I use them everyday as part of my skincare routine as they are great for a multitude of skin issues.  I generally use them for three categories hydrating, getting rid of blemishes and relaxation ( check out my post here for more details).  I picked up three different types of facial mists on this visit, which you will have seen two of these before this time Caudalie grape water  this was the first one I ever used many years ago and Serozinc I can't live without for clearing blemishes and preventing them.  I also picked up a new one to try this was from the brand Uriage who's cleansing oil I have been using over the last 18 months.  The brand is good for people with sensitive skin or suffer from skin complaints these came as a two pack which worked out very good value so I wanted to try them so far so good for hydrating the skin.   

I also picked up two hand creams one of my favourites by Bioderma I don't think you can let get this in the UK yet and a new one to try Caudline hand & nail cream which I am looking forward to trying this smells great by the way.  I always religiously pickup lipbalms as I love the quality of french brands, these are the Bioderma ones which are great value and come in a three pack you can get these individually from Escentuals Click here they are super soft on the lips and feel like the quality of high end ones.  My family always like to take these off me.  

Last of all I picked up micellar water a travel size of one of my favourite brand and cult classic Bioderma Sensibio micelle water these are great for travelling but annoyingly it is very difficult to refill which I think is a bit deliberate to make you repurchase.  I also picked up the Uriage version to try as I have been really impressed with other products in their range and this was about €4 so bargain.

Do you use any french skin care products in your beauty routine?



21 September 2015


Hey lovelies today I am going to talk about nail polishes I was in Boots the other day and browsing as you do.  I was contemplating buying another nail polish to add to the collection.  When I thought wait a minute I have loads at home why am I buying another one! surely I must have one that I like yes and is similar they are my weakness after all.  So I went through and shopped my stash so to speak and found some old favourites plus a couple of new ones.  So I thought I would share with you some of what have become my favourites over the last year or so.

Not everyone knows but Topshop do some great colours and two of my favourites are these lovely blue and green shades Boy next door &Blue Rinse 

Back in May you will have seen me wearing this blue grey tone polish which like it says drys speedy full  review here

Boots No7 nail polishes these work out great value when you have one of their vouchers just £3 and they dry super fast so good for when your in a hurry.  I mainly have nudes which are great for everyday two of my favourites are So Simple & Highland Mist 

Revlon nail polishes were one of the first brands I bought polishes from and these colorstay ones are still good having lots of shine this one is called rose beige another good everyday neutral. 

Now whenever I go to Sephora I always checkout the formula X range as they are great shades and formulas this one being no exception a beautiful green see full review here.

One of my recent favourites is this pale pink shimmer nail polish by Lottie London which has ultra fine glitter and is super hard wearing it is now become a firm favourite you may have seen my recent post check it out here.

Lastly but by no means are my favourite Top coat Seche site and Base coat by No7 which are equally important when painting my nails and looking for long lasting results.

So in the end I settled upon highland fling by No7 a warm nude it looks pretty.

What are you favourite nail polishes?



18 September 2015


Hi Lovelies today I thought I would bring you a round up of whats been going on over the past few weeks.  My favourite nail combo I have been rocking to the best hair bobble along with my recent travels.

Mac Haul & First Impressions

My most recent Mac makeup haul which all started due to a hunt for another nude lip pencil which I managed to procure along with a few other things on the way oops! Two great blushers and my all time favourite gel eye liner also made the cut.

My favourite nail combo

The nail combo I have been rocking for the last month goes with everything just the right side of pink and sparkle.

Lets talk jewellery box

My latest jewellery find that I have been rocking and being fussy when it comes to jewellery it takes something to make the cut.  Along with super affordable prices it has really cute packaging.

Paris in pictures

All about my trip to Paris last month what lovely city Paris is so much to see, great food and good shopping what else do you want form a city break?

Bloggers Festival

A review of the recent bloggers festival meet up had a great day and met some lovely bloggers and brands this is what I love about blogging meeting other people who share my passion.

The best blogger business cards

All about Moo business cards i recently bought some new business cards and share my tips and experiences with buying them.

The best hair bobble

My latest hair accessory find which you think how can it work right but it does.  Full review on this hair accessory.

Bloggers lunch

A prevent for the Bloggers festival and a opportunity to spend time networking with other bloggers.

Big bloggers conference

A review on the big bloggers conference and my top tips that I learnt all about Pinterest, SEO and how to make the most out of your blog, plus networking with other bloggers and brands.

Well that's what has been going over at MyBeautySleuth what have you all been up to?



16 September 2015


Hi Lovelies Today I bring you a Mac haul as you all know I don't really need any more makeup but after becoming slightly obsessed with Pinterest for the last few weeks.   I decide I needed one more nude lipliner in my life in particular Subculture in my collection.  Two trips to different Mac stores several days later and here is the end result a Mac haul.   I can't leave empty handed as I always ended up picking some other bits on the way.  

After trying multiple different brands gel liners I always come back to my first love as nothing seems to beat how pigmented and intensely black it is.  It applies on like a dream making those feline flicks really easy it then does not budge or smudge and lasts all day.  One of my favourite brushes to apply this it the real techniques eye liner brush.  I have to confess I am only now getting the hang with winged liner after much practise but practise does make a difference!

This blush is not really like anything I have in my kit it is a peachy brown with a high level of multi frost within it.  This looks really pretty swept across the top of the cheekbone as a highlighting blusher as it is very shimmery but also adds colour and catches the light beautifully.  It really compliments my medium skin tone without looking sparkly.

Now yes this is another blush but I picked this one up to actually pair with Margin and wear the two blushers together.  As this blusher is from the pro longwear collection it is designed to last 8 hours be ultra fine and highly pigmented and yes it does deliver on all of these claims.  I feel this blusher has more depth to the colour being more of a plum based peachy brown, long lasting and it has a matt finish when applied.   I have been loving the combination of these two blushers they work together really well.

The lip pencil that instigated this haul in the first place I know I have quite a few nude lip pencils but I have to say that Mac do some of the best and can be quite hard to get hold of hence where the two trips came from.  This is a warm Rosy nude with a brown undertone to it.   The pencils I find are super long wearing easy to apply and last along time especially when paired with a lipstick.

Now this a new product to me having never seen or heard about Mac Pressed pigments I was excited to try this.  I have had in the past Mac loose pigments and know how colour intense they are but can be very messy and you end up with eyeshadow everywhere.  So this product really intrigued me that you could have the impact of the pigment but in a pressed format.  I guessed that it would be similar to other pressed pigments I had previously used.  This is a pure silver and wow it is super pigmented I have used it on its own and pressed on to the lid over another colour to add sparkle and been impressed so far I can't wait to use this more.

Now I picked this colour up as I had seen a colleague at work purchases this shade and just knew I had to have it in my collection.  This is a rusty copper shade which is really intense and gives you that rose gold colour that has been so popular this year.

What Mac products have you recently bought? or lusting after?



14 September 2015


Hey lovelies today I thought I would share with you my current favourite nail combo I have been wearing this every week, for about the last month which is along time for me so I thought I would share it with you.  Underneath I wear So Simple by No7 a nude beige colour and then top it with a very fine pinky glitter Live in Love by Lottie London*.  Such a great everyday shade that is easy and fits with anything you wear.  

Whats your favourite every day nail combo?

*This Post contains a PR sample or Gifted Item



11 September 2015


Hi Lovelies I went to Paris just over a week ago on the Eurostar for the day and thought I would share some of the pictures from my day as it was so good.  As you can see I really lucked out with the weather as it was lovely and had such a fun time.  I spent the day hanging out in St.Germaine, shopping in Sephora and easting great food.

Have you been to Paris?



10 September 2015


Hi Lovelies today lets talk about Jewellery now I am pretty fussy when it comes to jewellery as I like good quality jewellery which normally equals lots of money!  It has to be true metals as I have sensitive skin and so I was super excited to discover the brand Jewellery Box and meet with the team recently to chat all about their brand.  As all their jewellery is fashion forward & super affordable in silver & golds it is just up my street.  First up I think their packaging is one of the cutest I have seen in a long while from a brand what do you think?   

How cute are these little pegs as part of the packaging they go really well with the brown paper theme.  They literally stock hundreds of lines starting from as little as £2 across silver, gold, rose gold and white gold so their is something for everyone, on top of that they ship for free over £10.  Every thing that you order from the brand come automatically in this awesome packaging so really great for gifts or Christmas yep I mention Christmas in September oops!  Now I have the Bow earrings* which I have been wearing to death as they are studs and not too big these are super affordable at  £4.40 and pedant* with CZ which I love and equal at £10 is no more expensive than you would spend in a high street store.  The quality is really good and all 925 silver so a real bargain.  I am currently lusting after this unicorn necklace and several midi rings I know I will be making a few more purchases of the next month.

Whats your favourite piece of jewellery?

*This post contains a PR sample or gifted Item



9 September 2015


Hey lovelies  I had the pleasure of attending the #Bloggerfestival on Saturday organised by the lovely Scarlett from Scarlett London at The Conrad London St. James Hotel  I have to say I am lucky by being so close to London I was able to attend this event.  This was a beautiful location the hotel is just stunning such a great venue for this type of event Scarlett did a amazing job.   

The event was super well organised as when we arrived there was welcome cocktails and registration then straight into photos which was fun.  The event was a great opportunity to talk to new and well known bloggers and to network with brands and talk about their products with them.  There were some great brands on the day as you can see I had my hair styled by the lovely ladies at Cloud nine hair.  I caught up with a couple of brands I have met before and spoke to a few new ones and had fun with other bloggers overall it was a great day. 

Some of the brands exhibiting on the day were :



7 September 2015


Hey lovelies I had the pleasure of going to the #Bloggerslunch on Saturday a Pre event for the #BloggersFestival event (more on that later).  It was arranged my the lovely laddies  Jasmine and Kirsty at Soeurs de Luxe if you don't know their blog check it out.  They arranged for lots of bloggers to attend a lunch before attending #bloggersfestival a chance to meet other bloggers.

We met at Pizza Express in Victoria street in London near Victoria which was only a 5 minute walk from the hotel for the #BloggersFestival.  We had a lovely lunch because lets face it who does not like pizza Express! I had the famous dough balls followed by La Reine pizza so really classic pizza express dishes.  Well I had a great time and got to meets some lovely laddies I have linked all their blogs down below so check them all out.  Everyone was so welcoming and really friendly I could not of met such a nice group of laddies.  Jasmine & Kirsty also organised a little treat for everyone of white chocolate in this pretty box which was a lovely surprise.  As you can see everyone had the cameras at the ready and where snapping away typical bloggers lunch!

                   Pao Loves Fashion

                   Pretty Delicate Layers

                    Soeurs De Luxe

                    Tainted Blues

                      The Holly Days

                   The Life of Vanisha

                  The Wee Blondie

                  What Cat Says

                 When Tania Talks

                     Wots Her Name Again



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