5 February 2016



Hey Lovelies today I was going through my skin care and sorting it out when I realised I had to shared with you all about this product.  As I have been using for the past 6-8 months.   I can't remember exactly when I started using this product but I know it was the beginning of the summer last year so thought it was time to share my thoughts.  There are hundreds of oils available on the market so it is really important if you want to introduce one into your skin care you decide what you want your oil to do.  I wanted to add hydration to my skin and use it in the evening as part of my skincare routine to allow time for the oil to sink into the skin.   B. Skin care from Superdrug if you have not seen has been available a while now they aim to be easy to use, cruelty free & a vegan friendly brand.  They have skincare, makeup and a mens range available exclusively at Superdrug.  


This is the Replenished facial oil there are a couple different ones in the range radiant, enriched and this one replenished.  As you can see that I have used 3/4 of the bottle so I must like it!  Now facial oils have really exploded on to the beauty market in 2015 and become much more affordable and accessible.  The science bit says this oil has a antioxidant rich formula which delivers added vitamin C and E and moisture and softening to the skin through the Rosehip, Argan and Crambe oil.  Rosehip oil is really rich in antioxidants and is meant to also have anti ageing properties combined with the well know Argan oil full of Vitamin E I can see this is a good combination.  Crambe oil was not a oil I had ever heard of but when at the time I googled around (good old google!) I found it has properties which promote moisturising and suppleness to the skin so I will be definitely looking out for this in other products in the future.  I am no expert on oils but really like how this leaves my skin I apply at night time and in the morning feel my skin is really smooth and supple.  I apply around 3 drops from the pipet and then massage into the face and neck for a few minutes, it does leave a typically oil finish which is why I use this at night time, as I then can leave it on over night.   I have had no issues with breaking out or causing congestion on the skin and use it on average twice a week.  If I have particular dry skin or I am doing a mini facial normally on a Sunday evening then I would use this as my last stage in my routine.  At £13.99 it is not super expensive and they quite often have offers on at the moment you can buy one get one free!

Have you tried anything from the B. range ? What is your favourite facial oil?



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