Shoes glorious shoes my favourite topic to talk about and to shop for I have to say.   I have a few pairs is a understatement they are my guilty pleasure and I have quite a collection but never enough!  When I am shopping for shoes I look for couple of things, that they are versatile to go with multiple outfits in my wardrobe, comfortable that I can walk in them for a reasonable time and interesting so not boring.

Lets face it we all like to wear heels but no matter how much I love heels there are times when my feet they don’t agree with me.   They do need some rest bite from wearing those killer heels or sometime I need to do a lot of walking so need something flat.  This is for those days when your running round doing errands or just need a bit of comfort.  Flat shoes don’t need to be boring either or look like grandma shoes they can be practical and stylish! there are too many great ones available these days for that to be the case.  So today I bring you my favourite current flat shoes that I have been rocking for some time now that I turn to time and time again.

My favourite flats

You can never go wrong with a pair of loafers and these ones I picked up from Topshop Lucy Loafer at £29 are a nod to the famous Gucci loafers we have been seeing all summer without the price tag.  I always reach for metallic colours and these grey/ silver ones go with everything and are great alternative to black.

You always need a pair of trainers in your collection which don’t look like you have been dragged through a hedge or the dogs eaten them.  There is nothing better in my opinion than a pair of white ‘box fresh’ ones my current favourites are these adidas pair similar to the Stan Smith trainers you may have seen a lot of people wearing these I picked up in the states back in October.  Really plain comfortable you can dress down a posh frock or wear with tailored trousers they are more grown up and acceptable to wear even in a lot of offices now no longer just for the gym.  The fact that every major fashion house now has trainers in their collections says it all to me.

One of my favourite flats and most worn over the whole summer are these Kendrick espadrilles from Michael Kors.  They have been a staple in my wardrobe so much so these are my second pair, with their Super soft leather  and espadrille base they are a great alternative as a flat that look smart super light weight and breathable.  I am just hoping they do them again this summer!  Even not I may have to try and get a pair of the ledgedary Chanel ones!



Next up are a pair of silver leather ballet pumps from Coach a brand that has been growing in the Uk over the past 2/3 years they are classic ballet pumps something which has been around for years and goes with any outfit from dresses to shorts to trousers or jeans very versatile.  My only tip when picking this shoe type is to look at the sole these ones are sturdy and have a good sole but there are plenty of flimsy ones out there you don’t want to be able to feel the pavement.


My favourite flats



Last up something fun and I know it would be cold to wear them outside at the moment but I just had to include them as they are so much fun.  You may have seen them on the catwalk at Miu Miu or late summer?  Then there was the Rhianna for puma ones and the Gvenchy ones that everyone was going crazy for as Kim Kardashian wore them these however are the Topshop version super affordable at £26 with that kind of price tag you can have fun and not feel guilty!

What are your favourite flat shoes you like to wear?